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Detox Rosemary Mint Milk Bath

$ 7.50

A luxurious spa-like experience with Dead Sea salt, black lava salt and a touch of milk that will leave your skin smooth and soft. Our black lava salt is mined off the coast of Hawaii and is infused with activated charcoal which helps to increase blood circulation and has a detoxifying effect on the body as it draws out impurities. Dead Sea Salt has been used for ages to assist your body in eliminating toxins, as well as absorbing the minerals and nutrients antibiotics that are in the water.  Great for soaking tired feet! You can even use this as a salt scrub for your body!

DIRECTIONS: Add several spoonfuls under running water and slip into serenity. INGREDIENTS: Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Black Lava Salt, Rosemary & Mint Essential Oils, Coconut Milk, Dried Calendula Petals. Approx. 12 oz

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